First Day of October

Now it feels like fall!   Lots of rain, and even quarter-sized hail, a few nights ago (Wednesday), and since part of my work-life balance is to balance in a little more exercise, I’ll be leaving for the Monday-Wednesday-Friday pool aerobics class at the Y in a short while.

Why do I like the pool aerobics class?  It’s a Group Thing — for me, it’s much easier to do exercise when I’m with others.  I’ve made some more good friends in the process, as well!

Check out these benefits:


Changing format of blog

New experience #215… but who’s counting??

I’m wanting to “clean up” the looks of my blog, and find a way to make it look neater and more organized.  I’ll probably spend lots of time playing around with this blog, and probably will be researching some more ideas on the Internet before I’m happy.

So bear with me!  It’s a new experience, and I can see where, down the road, it’ll be something nice.

Fall is coming!

This morning it was nice to wake up and have the temperature a little cooler than it has been.  It’s one of the reasons we love it here in North Carolina, after spending most of our lives in South Florida (Miami, and then Miramar).  We didn’t have the distinct seasons in South Florida, and we loved seeing leaves changing colors, and dropping their leaves in the fall.

And one little note about the first time we saw snow….. my 30+ year old daughter looked out the window, and said that it looked as if the pollen was everywhere!!

And so the adventure begins…..

On a recent visit to Florida, we saw this pillow at the Renaissance Inn in Boca Raton.  We were having a much-needed trip back to Florida, to see family and friends.  This has been our philosophy for quite a few years now — sometimes the adventures are exciting, and sometimes they’re not.  But it’s nice going through life, seeking more adventures.